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Coyo Taco WynWood!


It was our first time at Coyo Taco, and man it was delicious! We ordered the Pastor de Pollo, and the Alambre! Both mouth-watering, and was the perfect meal. To drink I got their Mango slush which was thirst quenching, and Leisha got some lemonade.

We’ll definitely be back. We rate this a 10/10!


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Photoshoots W/ Marianda VOL. 1

Good morning guys! So Marianda has started a new segment/ series called “Photoshoots W/ Marianda” (PSWM) Which is basically going to consist of little video snippets of us working on photoshoots. Amanda is the photographer based in Miami, and Leisha is the visual grabber.

In this series, you will see the depths of creativity, art, and hustle we go through in Miami! We’re very excited to be launching this part of our lives, as we have a passion for creating beautiful work!

Click the link below to watch our first PSWM!

Photoshoots W/ Marianda VOL. 1

Also, check out Amanda’s gallery of work at 

And follow her photography page below!

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We’re Back! | A Youtuber’s Worst Nightmare!

Hey guys! It’s been a minute since we have posted a Youtube video! We finally got one up, and in this video we talk about some upcoming updates, and a mini story of what I went through..A YOUTUBERS WORST NIGHTMARE.

Click the link below to watch our latest video!

A Youtuber’s Worst Nightmare


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Before we had dessert at Azucar in Little Havana, we had a delicious lunch from El Exquisito, right across the street! We ordered a Churrasco with rice, beans and fried yuca! We easily rated this neat Cuban Restaurant a 10/10, and will come here again!

After the delicious lunch we had, we headed over across the street to the well-known Azucar in Little Havana.


There was a variety of flavors to choose from, we went with  two scoops, one was the signature flavor: Abuela Maria, which is the homemade vanilla ice-cream, with cream cheese, guava, and bits of Galletas Maria! And the second scoop we got was a sweet berry flavor. Together they tasted so delicious!

We definitely recommend this place for a nice little treat, the workers let you try as many ice-cream samples as you like to make sure you’re satisfied with your choice.


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Art Basel 2017!



This year Leisha experienced the Art Basel for the first time and it was pretty great! I myself, as many know is in love with art, so for the both of us it was a sweet experience. Took place around the Miami Beach Convention Center, so we were around other events that were going on such as Aqua Miami, Context, and Art Miami.

We were there in the Art Basel for about two hours, sight-seeing amazing, cool-aesthetic, and of course the questionable art pieces, haha. You know, those are pieces where it’s either literally a blank sheet of painted paper, or a writing that looked like a kids work. And a lot of those “Wow I could’ve done that” art pieces! But hey! It was all incredible art, and very inspirational!


Here’s a picture of us that I asked a stranger to take. Cute aren’t we? Wish we had more pictures together with some art pieces in the background but we were too busy enjoying the sight.


This was one of my favorites, a bit intimidating, but quite aesthetic if you ask me. The piece is by Leon Ferrari.

Here’s a mini slide show of all the art pieces we liked and found interesting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This was both of our favorites. We thought it’d be a great piece to put in our future condo in Miami.

Overall Art Basel 2017 was super chill! Literally the day itself was very chilly. Until next year!

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Pincho Factory


Crossed out another food restaurant from out list! After hearing about it for a while we finally caved in and visited the Pincho Factory in Coral Way by Leisha’s job. Leisha ordered the Bacon N Blue Burger and a side of french fries, and I ordered the Perfecto Burger in addition with a fried cheese in it.

I rated my burger a 8/10, and Leisha rated hers a 6/10. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but this is definitely a spot to come by for a quick-lunch if you’re super hungry; you’d be satisfied!

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Birthday Week, Finally 21!


November 8th, 2017, was the day I finally turned 21! I had such a great time with Leisha, as she made my entire night, and day so much better. We stayed at the Grand Beach Hotel, which was pretty nice. We had a nice sized room with a beautiful view. Take a look.


The view was breathtaking! We’re friendly balcony viewers. Spent a lot of time up there at night, chilling, talking and bonding.


Slightly was feeling myself, the bathroom in our room was marvelous. We took so many photos here as well!


After spending sometime, relaxing at the hotel, we went out for dinner at Lola’s Restaurant & Grill! This restaurant was by far the best we’ve ever been to. We had the entire restaurant to ourselves! How great was that?! Our waiter was very polite, and patient with us. Prior to our arrival at the restaurant, the host was so nice to ask us if we wanted pictures, and that is how we got this picture.

Below was what Leisha ordered. She ordered the Fettuccine Carbonara! She rated her dish a 10/10.


And I ordered the Herb Lemon Butter Atlantic Salmon. My dish was super delicious, I rated it a 10/10,


We left the restaurant, super satisfied, happy tummy’s, and cute pictures! We got the host to capture our moments.


We ended our night chilling on our balcony, with Mary Jane ;). It was such a lovely night. The bed felt amazing once we jumped in. Had the best sleep ever.

The next morning we went out on the beach, which was behind the hotel we were staying at.


It was such a relaxing morning! The weather was perfect. The ocean waves sounded soothing.

After staying at the hotel, because we only stayed one night, we checked out, and continued our day!

We were suppose to have some brunch at Bird & Bone restaurant but they didn’t have much options to choose from and were a bit pricey. So we searched what was close by and found The Tavern at Hotel Croydon. Their fries were really good! We both enjoyed our burgers as well. 8/10 we’d say.


We visited Lincoln Road to check out some of the shops they had there. We found a candy shop: Dylan’s Candy Bar, and a mini book store: Books & Books. Dylan’s Candy Bar, had all sorts of candy.. from old school to new school. The book store had neat readings, and everyone’s old time favorite “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”!


We started a collection of photobooth pictures recently… so this was our addition to it! Taken in the photobooth at Dylan’s Candy Shop.


After some time of exploring on Lincoln Road, we started to crave something sweet; ice cream, sorbet, gelatos.. SOMETHING. We ran into Gelateria 4D! Yum. This was exactly what we needed. The flavors I got were, mango and strawberry. Leisha got strawberry, and lemon. Both were delicious, and satisfying.


Finally after a long continuous day of celebrating my 21st, we ended the evening with Painting With A Twist in the Coral Gables location. Our painting instructor for the night Chandra, was SUPER GREAT. She was very cool, easy to talk to if questions were asked, and made it fun to create! I ended up going home with two art pieces, one that I created, and the other was given to me by the instructor! It was because my birthday was the day before (the 8th). I was super surprised, and blessed because, when we had first gotten there, I was eyeing the piece, thinking to myself how dope it was. It was like a lowkey manifestation!

We will have the Birthday Vlog up soon, hopefully before December ahah. Things have been hectic this month!

Overall I had such a wonderful birthday. The best birthday I’ve ever had. Thanks to my girlfriend Leisha, and everyone who had wished me a happy birthday. #MoreLife