Stream her latest singles “This Thing Called Love” & “Are You Down” on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, etc:




Who’s OSQUARE? An unsigned independent singer and songwriter from Miami. She began singing at the age of four, started making music in her home studio during her sophomore year in High-school, then later started to take it more serious after she graduated back in 2015.

OSQUARE’s voice is described as having a “smooth, melodic feathery tone that calms you down, and mellows you out”. Some have compared OSQUARE’s vocals to SZA, Ciara, and Jhene Aiko. Friends have described her lyrical content as “catchy and emotive” continuing to note OSQUARE’s tone and lyrics as feelable feelings, and moments of deep sensitivity and love.

OSQUARE’s musical style is associated with a new wave of music PBR&B, which is described as emerging, stylistic alternative to contemporary R&BBesides PBR&B OSQUARE’s explores a variety of genres including psychedelic musicclassic R&B and hip hop music. She has described herself as being part of this movement, she noted her own musical style as being “alternative” and a “new-generation R&B”, which she compared herself to the style of Drake,  Frank Ocean, and Daniel Caesar.

OSQUARE cites Canadian rapper/singer Drake is a major influence to her and her music, saying “he’s a huge inspiration to me, I’ve been listening to Drake since my middle school years when he came out with his album “So Far So Gone”. She continues ” After I heard that, I was hooked, and intrigued. I’ve always loved the way his melodies sounded like, and the way he expressed himself through his music. My favorite old album would have to be that, or “Thank Me Later” straight classics”. OSQUARE also calls Jhene Aiko as a major influence, stating “Jhene is one of those artist that I literally look forward to listening to whenever she drops something, she can do no wrong in her voice and music” She also mentions Syd the Kid, Kehlani, and Bryson Tiller as influences.

OSQUARE has been releasing studio quality music since 2015, and released her first mixtape “The Vibes Out” on May 16 2017, which received incredible feedback from her supporters and people who have discovered her on social media. She has also done features with incredible local artist such as SUZ, John Austin, Curly Jay, and KTLN.

OSQUARE is currently working on her first EP. featuring beats by Clever, whom she has previously worked with a lot; as majority of all her songs are over his beats. Her EP. will be released in 2019.


Fresh sounds from artist OSQUARE. Follow and check out her music via Souncloud:

Stream her latest singles “This Thing Called Love” & “Are You Down” on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, etc:






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