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Robert Is Here!

After many years of hearing about Robert Is Here, we’ve finally visited! First thing we did was tour the market place, they have so many neat makings, from different flavored honey, to jams, and all things naturally made or grown!

We came at the perfect time when the goats were out to be fed. The food for the goats and cattle were a cheap $3, totally worth the experience!

After we’ve fed the animals, we ordered their famous milkshakes/ smoothies, commonly what they’re known for.

I ordered a strawberry, banana & blackberry milkshake, and Leisha ordered a strawberry, banana, & pineapple smoothie! I rated mine a 9.5/10, she rated hers a 7/10. Definitely recommend getting the milkshake, it’s more popular.

Our experience overall was really nice! We’ve never fed goats or cattle before so it was definitely something to remember!

Check out our mariandafoodadventure vlog episode 2 below !

Ep 2 Robert Is Here

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2 Year Anniversary! Hollywood, Florida Adventures!

Happy 2 year anniversary to us! May 23rd 2016, was the day this love all truly began. 2 years later here we are, stronger and finer than ever.

Our love for each other has definitely grown over the the past year; unconditional.

We decided to take a mini get away baecation to Hollywood, Florida from the 22nd-24th!

First stop was Hollywood Beach! Never a disappointment coming to this beach, it’s always peaceful and brings clarity to our mind.

After the beach we headed to Billy’s Stone Crab Restaurant!

We shared a tasty plate with a little bit of everything…shrimp, fish, oyster, and clams.. all fried! With the sauces they were delicious. We really liked their bread and butter too! Overall we rated this restaurant 8.5/10. The food was decent and the view was sweet.

For my anniversary gift, Leisha got me the nicest promise ring. I was really caught by surprise because the first gift she gave me was an aux cable for my car ahah, not that I didn’t like it! I was very thankful for it, really needed one. But then she just pulled out that box from Zales and my eyes completely lit up. Forever thankful to god for her.

On the 23rd (our anniversary) we got dressed to go out to eat at Brio. Had to stop and snap a flick of this beautiful princess here. She got many compliments on her outfit, thanks forever 21!

Look at how amazing we look!

Brio Tuscan Grille was about 15 min away from our airbnb. Very decent drive, the area itself Gulfstream Park was super nice.

Overall the restaurant was nice, our waiter was catering, and the food was great. We rated this 9/10.

He even offered to take us a picture haha, we love that!

We left Brio and luckily found an arcade in the mall & spontaneously enjoyed ourselves there!

Even got the perfect photo booth photos!!! Normally our photo booth photos would come out decent you know, unprepared. But their photo booth had a retake y’all! We killed this shoot.

The next day (our last day) the 24th, we had breakfast at Moonlite diner.

Finally got to eat there the numerous times we’ve mentioned going. Good morning was actually really good! Next time we will surely try their shakes.

Last stop for the day and for our little getaway was at K1 Speed! It was my actual first time there. Leisha’s goal was to beat me but she got beaten by ME haha. 2 rounds of go-kart fun.

Ended the day with one of our favorite arcade game..

Our mini baecation get away was just what we needed to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. We had such a wonderful time alone with each other, creating funny and adventurous memories every step of the way. To many more years ahead of us. 🥂

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Venetian Pool N Pasta!

This was such a fun relaxing day. Finally got to go to Venetian Pool! It was actually our first time in a pool together.. so it was a pretty neat experience.

We got there approximately at 9:50AM. We wanted to be the first ones there when they opened to avoid crowds. Venetian pool is a $15 dollar entry before the summer. If you’re a UM student you get a discount, if you’re a resident of Coral Gables, you get a discount as well.

The pool was definitely soo cold! It took Leisha and I at least 15 minutes to completely get in the water haha. I noticed that the pool had some leaves and bugs in it… I was kind of disappointed at that. The pool just opened.. I felt as though before opening, they could’ve went in with the pool net and collect any noticeable flaw in the pool.

S/o to our mini tripod. We were about to leave after an hour, but decided to get into the kitty pool for a little photoshoot! Perfect timing because after awhile it started to get crowded with kids and their parents.

Before we left we showered in their bathroom provided. We both never showered in public bathrooms before so it was something nice to experience with each other.

Overall venetian was a neat experience! We may come again sometime.

After we left, we were both craving some pasta. So we found a spot, Piccola Italia! They only provide takeout, so we ordered, then drove to Key Biscayne to have pasta on the beach.

I ordered a fettuccine with crab and mozzarella on top, and Leisha ordered a fettuccine with chicken and mozzarella on top… when I say this was the best pasta I’ve ever tasted I’m not joking. I’m not a huge pasta fan either so this was just amazing. We both rated 10/10!

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Fort Lauderdale Beach + Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

Took a little trip to Fort Lauderdale beach for the first time! The weather was perfect. 8 AM is definitely the time to arrive at the any beach. Nice and secluded.

We were so happy to have had our tripod with us on this trip, or else we wouldn’t have gotten such beautiful pictures!

Our goal is to travel to all the beaches in south Florida! And this is the 4th one marked off of our list.

After spending some relaxation time by the ocean, we headed to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. which was a few feet away from us. Just decided to try what was in the area.

Rated this place 9/10! Service was good, food was good and the strawberry lemonade drink was so delicious and refreshing!

Til next time! Stay wavy.

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Mini trip to The Keys

Took a mini trip to the keys with Leisha’s family the other weekend and by far it was the most spontaneous relaxing weekend ever. I caught my very first fish! With the help of bae.

We took a lil tour around the spot we were all chilling/ fishing at.

Check out our vlog 7 here: The Keys | vlog 7

At the end of our day, we all slept over in a 2 bed room apartment that belonged to one of Leisha’s relatives.

The next day we took the late morning to ourselves and tried out a dining spot called Porky’s Bayside!

Leisha and I both agree that their shrimp was the best we’ve ever tasted in so long.

I ordered conch fritters which were pretty good but not as good as the shrimp combo Leisha ordered!

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Museum Of Icecream!

On February 14th, 2018 this year’s Valentine’s Day was actually pretty great! Both of us got to experience the of day of love, with each other.

We took an adventure to the Museum of Icecream! All pink everything! It was quite an experience, the staff were super nice and energetic, and there were many rooms to take really cute pictures in. What topped it off was that in several floors they had Icecream samples for the guests to try.

This room was one of our favorites, on the banana swing haha. The pink palm trees were everything.

We were lucky to have really nice people around us that took some of our photos. Especially the staff they would offer to take you a photo! Who doesn’t love that.

This picture means a lot, the balloon was portrayed to be dreams..that all shall strive to step up and reach!

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Art Basel 2017!



This year Leisha experienced the Art Basel for the first time and it was pretty great! I myself, as many know is in love with art, so for the both of us it was a sweet experience. Took place around the Miami Beach Convention Center, so we were around other events that were going on such as Aqua Miami, Context, and Art Miami.

We were there in the Art Basel for about two hours, sight-seeing amazing, cool-aesthetic, and of course the questionable art pieces, haha. You know, those are pieces where it’s either literally a blank sheet of painted paper, or a writing that looked like a kids work. And a lot of those “Wow I could’ve done that” art pieces! But hey! It was all incredible art, and very inspirational!


Here’s a picture of us that I asked a stranger to take. Cute aren’t we? Wish we had more pictures together with some art pieces in the background but we were too busy enjoying the sight.


This was one of my favorites, a bit intimidating, but quite aesthetic if you ask me. The piece is by Leon Ferrari.

Here’s a mini slide show of all the art pieces we liked and found interesting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This was both of our favorites. We thought it’d be a great piece to put in our future condo in Miami.

Overall Art Basel 2017 was super chill! Literally the day itself was very chilly. Until next year!