Thrift Shopping In Miami



Thrifting with bae

Hey y’all! We recently went thrift shopping for the first time ever! And all in all, it was a neat experience.

We checked out a total of 5 spots in Miami. Those 5 thrift shops that we checked out were: Swish Boutique, The Rabbit Hole, Flamingos Vintage Pound, Out of the Closet, & House of Findings.

And of course, you guys already know we had to vlog it. Here’s a small clip of our thrifting adventure!

Check out the full thrift haul vlog here: THRIFT WITH US (for the first time)

Above we took some fitting room selfies with items we tried on from two of the shops! Here’s a cool fact about Swish Boutique, you can actually bring over a load of clothes that you don’t wear anymore, and the manager Christina will be able to sort out any cool items that you may have, and sell it in it her shop, in exchange for a lil cash, or store credit. Your best bet would be to go with the store credit option, as you get more out of it. So you’ll definitely find us back at Swish Boutique; to get rid of some of our old clothes and get some new threads.


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