2 years & 4 month anniversary at Hollywood Beach + sweet treats at Nekter!

On September 23, 2018, we made 2 years and 4 months! We drove over to Hollywood Beach (our favorite beach so far) to take photos of ourselves.

We were able to capture some beautiful photos by the palm trees under some shade. We wanted to go by the water and capture some there, but the sand was literally too hot to walk on barefoot! This was our fault, we normally come to the beach very early in the morning, like about 9AM, but on this day we arrived at noon. But no worries we said, we’ll definitely be back at Hollywood Beach.

As we were heading back down south, we were looking for a new spot to eat at, and spontaneously took a turn into Aventura Mall haha. I Amanda, has never been, and the last time Leisha went was about 8 years ago, so it was a neat experience/ mini adventure we took.

We grabbed a quick refresher at Bertoni Gelato Cafe

We both shared a Kiwi, Strawberry, & Banana smoothie. It was just what we needed, at this moment we realized that sharing smoothies is a no no, and to really enjoy it you must buy your own! Haha.

Specifically we went to Aventura Mall to check out their new 2 story Instagrammable Wall, located in the lower level by Lush! “#FollowTheFlamingos”

Here a photo we took!

After getting the sweet photos we wanted, we left the mall and headed out to our final destination, Nekter Juice Bar!

Mmm, now THIS was just what we wanted, a filler upper, and refreshing tasty treat. We both rate this spot a 10. If you ever decided on going there, tell them to easy up on the granola!

Check out our episode 7 @ Nekter Juice Bar & subscribe to our channel! MariandaFoodAdventures Ep.7

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