Birthday dinner at Beaker & Gray!

It was this lovely’s girls birthday, August 15th! We celebrated at Beaker & Gray!

First and foremost the restaurant is located in the heart of wynwood, with their welcoming vintage sign right above the entrance.

I ordered their “Short Rib” which came with churros.. surprisingly they compliment each other really well. I rated this a 10/10, it was so delicious, and the meat was perfectly tender.

Leisha ordered their Churrasco that came with the chimchurri sauce. She really enjoyed hers and rated it a 10/10 as well!

Towards the end of our dinner, baby girl got a complimentary dessert from my wonderful friend, with a birthday candle on it! It was a guava cookie cake with a scoop of toffee ice cream.

Last but certainly not least, I surprised my girl with a promise ring to replace the first ring I got her back in 2016. She didn’t expect this at all!

Her expression was the highlight of the night, that I couldn’t wait to see.

Overall the experience was great, the service, the vibe of the restaurant, the FOOD.. everything was on point. The only thing that caught ya by surprise was the price of the water… because our server offered us three diff types, and I chose the sparkling water not knowing it was $7! Had he told us the prices of each, we definitely would’ve went with tap haha. Other than that we recommend Beaker & Grey!

Watch our EP. 5 on Mariandafoodadventures

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