Bonefish Grill!

What’s up guys! Back at a new restaurant, Bonefish Grill!

We were having such a hard time deciding where to go from the the list of places we have written down already, finally chose this place!

Leisha ordered the Angler’s sirloin steak with a side of apple bacon macaroni & cheese when garlic whipped mash potatoes! She rated her meal a 5/5!

I ordered the Fontina Pork chop with a side of steamed spinach and potato au gratin! I rated my meal a 3/5.

Lastly we just had to get a creme brûlée! Luckily it was an option for dessert. Theirs was good, a little bit on the liquidity side, and the whipped cream there had no taste at all ahaha so we thought what was funny. Overall loved the dessert.

Be sure to check out our episode 3. Bonefish Grill vlog below!

MariandaFoodAdventures Ep. 3

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