Robert Is Here!

After many years of hearing about Robert Is Here, we’ve finally visited! First thing we did was tour the market place, they have so many neat makings, from different flavored honey, to jams, and all things naturally made or grown!

We came at the perfect time when the goats were out to be fed. The food for the goats and cattle were a cheap $3, totally worth the experience!

After we’ve fed the animals, we ordered their famous milkshakes/ smoothies, commonly what they’re known for.

I ordered a strawberry, banana & blackberry milkshake, and Leisha ordered a strawberry, banana, & pineapple smoothie! I rated mine a 9.5/10, she rated hers a 7/10. Definitely recommend getting the milkshake, it’s more popular.

Our experience overall was really nice! We’ve never fed goats or cattle before so it was definitely something to remember!

Check out our mariandafoodadventure vlog episode 2 below !

Ep 2 Robert Is Here

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