Art Basel 2017!



This year Leisha experienced the Art Basel for the first time and it was pretty great! I myself, as many know is in love with art, so for the both of us it was a sweet experience. Took place around the Miami Beach Convention Center, so we were around other events that were going on such as Aqua Miami, Context, and Art Miami.

We were there in the Art Basel for about two hours, sight-seeing amazing, cool-aesthetic, and of course the questionable art pieces, haha. You know, those are pieces where it’s either literally a blank sheet of painted paper, or a writing that looked like a kids work. And a lot of those “Wow I could’ve done that” art pieces! But hey! It was all incredible art, and very inspirational!


Here’s a picture of us that I asked a stranger to take. Cute aren’t we? Wish we had more pictures together with some art pieces in the background but we were too busy enjoying the sight.


This was one of my favorites, a bit intimidating, but quite aesthetic if you ask me. The piece is by Leon Ferrari.

Here’s a mini slide show of all the art pieces we liked and found interesting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This was both of our favorites. We thought it’d be a great piece to put in our future condo in Miami.

Overall Art Basel 2017 was super chill! Literally the day itself was very chilly. Until next year!


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