Fontainbleu + Club Space


My girl and I were invited to my RODs (ride or die) birthday ghetty at the Fontainbleu Hotel. The hotel was super nice, and luxurious. The balcony view my friend had was sweet. A nice view of the resort itself.

Some faded pictures and selfies of the night. Swear we had the best time! And this was before the club we went to.


One more picture of the view before the rest of the fun we had! At this point we had 10 jello shots, 1 shot of rum and had a little Mary Jane. We were LIT. Haha. My BFF’s boss got us all an uber to Club Space. And it was on from there.


Soo I don’t know if it was just this night but Club Space was not as lit as expected. I heard so much hype about it, but that night, the DJ’s just weren’t that great. But since we had each other and we were both lit, it ended up being such a fun zooted night.





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