South Beach Talks + TaquizaTacos!


On Sunday 4pm, Marianda took over Miami Beach, South Beach, Ocean Drive, you name it, we were there and poppin. We were in the area because I (Amanda) had a photoshoot booked with a very talented photographer. He goes by the name of @its_holes on Instagram. He knows exactly what a person is looking for, and has a keen eye for dope concepts. Check out his work on his profile below!

We were so happy with all of our photos, now we we’re stocked, and got photos for days for our instagram HAHA.


This photo above was taken in front of The Webster. I noted James (its_holes) that I wanted a photo in front of a vintage car. Guessing these two cars are always in front of this store.

We will basically be posting all of our photos from this shoot on our instagram so be sure to follow us @la.marianda. Dig our outfits? I actually dressed head to toe in Asos clothing.


After a smooth shoot with him, Leisha and I decided to do a VLOG 6. South Beach Talks. In this vlog we are just soaking in the beautiful South Beach environment, and we basically start talking a little bit about society, and how people judge the most simplest act. A simple act such as two girls, or two guys holding hands. Why are heads turning so much, and on top just mad stares.. not even genuine smiles. We’re in 2017 and people (us included) still deal with close-minded people upon the LGBT community. We also included our eating destination which was at Taquiza! So take a look at our vlog here: South Beach Talks w/ Marianda, just a bit fun, motivation, and yummy places to eat from us!


Taquiza Tacos was our final destination of the day, we were starved! The place is kind of hidden, it’s right below HI-Miami Beach Hostel, so if you guys decide to check this lil place out, be on the look out!

We were so glad that we checked this place out, because man, these tacos were phenomenal. The vision was quite unique, the color of the tortilla was a blackish-dark-brownish color. Something we’ve both never seen before so it was appealing, didn’t stop us from eating.


The environment was small because it’s outside, but it was still pretty cool. If there’s not a lot of people, we’d say its a great place to sit and enjoy delicious mouth watering tacos. Again check out our vlog 6, for an actual footage of Taquiza’s little lounge outside of South Beach.

Also s/o to Taquiza for their amazing tacos! We give a 10/10 and will definitely be back again.




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