Arg arg! Captain’s Tavern!

Wow so this place was super hidden on the way. There’s no way somebody that hasn’t gone there before would’ve gotten there on their first try. I had to make two U turns for us to get there ahaha. But hey Captain Taverns, we made it.

So the environment was pretty nice, very pirate like/ boat like. The vibe was cool. Most importantly, the seats we got were decent and away from a lot of the people that were there.

As always, we took a long time to decide what we wanted to order, although we knew that we wanted to try their crab legs! We both wanted to order something different so we could taste each other’s dishes lol.

So finally we got to order, I ordered the King crab legs with a side of baked potato, and Leisha ordered the rib eye with a side of onion rings and fries.

The place seems like it’s very good for 21+

Finally our food came and for the price, I wouldn’t say it was bad at all, portion wise. THE FOOD WAS DELICIOUS! Very much enjoyed it. Everything was good, although Leisha’s steak wasn’t well done as asked, but it was still good. They state in their menu that they’re not responsible for the steaks they make.. hm but we let that slide.

Not to mention the dessert though, one of my all time favorite dessert is the creme brûlée! So so delicious.

Overall the experience was good and our waiter was nice!

We rate this place 8 out of 10!



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