“It” Movie & Chili’s Date!

When the movie “It” came out, everyone, we mean EVERYONE was talking about it. So after a couple of weeks we decided to go see it, since I had a free movie ticket for Flagship, it was a no brainer. Also LUCKILY it was still in theatre’s, because we thought it might have been too late.


Of course we had to get bathroom selfies! Whats a movie without some bathroom selfies haha.

So the theatre room we had, was perfect because there was barely anyone there. We love sitting in the middle upper areas, those are the perfect spots!

Overall we rate “It” a 8/10, it was a pretty good movie, and we would like to see the second one.

After the movies we went to Chili’s originally for a piece of their molten cake, but we ended getting really hungry and ordered a full meal.



I ordered the Honey Chipotle Crispers n Waffles, and Leisha ordred the Southern Smokehouse Burger. Mmm. I basically ordered a chicken and waffles, I probably should’ve chose something else, what I got was BASIC. I rated my meal a 5/10. Leisha rated her burger a 7/10.

We had enough room for dessert, which was what Leisha was craving for like EVER. My little treat to her.


I personally never thought the molten cake was all that but, after trying it this day, I fell “in-like” with it!



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