Dadeland Mall + Chick-fil-a


There are times when we randomly decide to go to a mall and window shop. It’s one of our favorite things to do haha, especially when there’s a photo booth, we must have some pictures and take them home. This day we went to Dadeland Mall to do some sight-seeing.


We don’t know about y’all but, we definitely go to certain fittings rooms for that good lighting and take selfies!


Aeropostale wasn’t the nicest looking fitting room, but the lighting was OKAY! So far we know that Urban Outfitters fitting rooms are bomb, H&M fitting rooms are bomb, and Forever 21 is nice as well.

We also checked out Lush! Lush is a fresh hand-made cosmetic brand company. Their products are known to be super good for the skin, including hair as well. We included a snippet in our Vlog 4, so you guys can take a peek of the store for yourselves. It’s bright and inviting, lastly the employees are all super nice and helpful. What they would do is if you want to test out a product, they’ll actually sit you down and pamper you on the spot!

You can check out our Vlog 4 here: Marianda Adventures Vlog 4

So there was no way we were going to Dadeland and not get Chick-fil-a!


Chick-fil-a is literally our favorite fast food place thus far! Please try their lemonade y’all, it is so refreshing. The flavor was bursting.

Again check out our Vlog 4 in the link here: Marianda Adventures | Vlog 4 to see our day in details!



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