Guys! We came across this Smoothie Spot in Cutler Bay about a month ago, and by far the most delicious we’ve tasted. The atmosphere is modern, and clean. It kind of gave us that Wynwood + downtown Miami vibe, of how the shops in there are like.

So after shopping for essentials for the hurricane, we decided to go for a round 2 and get the combo on the menu! The combo was the smoothie, a wrap, and either a fruit or a bag of chips.

The wrap on the menu is called “The Burrito” and it’s by far the best tasting Burrito we’ve ever tried. Waaay better than Chipotle. It has this tangy, spicy, sweet taste, and perfectly made steak strips.. along with the rest of the garnishing that makes the whole burrito perfect to the taste buds, cannot go wrong with that. And the smoothie we got was the Berry Power; I got mine with protein, and Leisha got hers without. They also serve pre-workouts smoothies for the gym junkies like myself haha. We so recommend this smoothie spot, a bit pricey but totally worth the coin.


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