Shorty’s BBQ (Round two)

Today we went to Shorty’s BBQ once again, and to be honest… we did not enjoy it this time around. We ordered some BBQย wings right.. on the menu it clearly said we had two choices. Which were, original bbq, or spicy hot wings. So when we finally got our wings, we noticed they were plain.. we even asked the lady that served us if they forgot to toss our wings or something haha. But she just said they came like that. Leisha and I were so confused! Like why would the menu even state/ give us an option to choose if they were gonna have us coat the wings ourselves!


In the end we didn’t quite enjoy our wings as we should’ve. We felt as though if the wings were already professionally tossed in the sauce, we may have enjoyed it more. This was the Shorty’s BBQ on 48th street on Bird Road, just so you guys know!

We are sure that it may have been just that location that messed us up. So be aware guys!


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