Phillip And Patricia Frost Museum

After hearing so much talk about The Frost Museum, we decided to check it out for ourselves. It was actually a pretty cool experience, we got to see a lot of sea creatures and art. We got to see jellyfishes, some starfishes and sharks.

 There are 5 floors of different things so we went to each floor to explore.

We even got to touch stingrays!! They were so slimy and cute. We thought the stingrays hated us because they wouldn’t come to us, but they would go to the people next to us lol.

It was pretty cool when we went all the way to the top floor. You get a little peak of the city.

We would go again but definitely not on a weekend when it’s packed. We couldn’t really enjoy it since there was so many people everywhere. Overall, there was a lot to see and it was a cute outing with my bae.

After our adventure, we obviously needed a new place to try out so we decided to go to Tani Thai Restaurant.  We got some Fried Chicken Wontons as an appetizer and it was so bomb! We definitely recommend! As our entree we both got Pad Thai Seafood and it was delicious. It brought so much food and it’s very filling. Overall a pretty good place to dine at.





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