The Tea Room Restaurant at Cauley Square

For our one year anniversary, Amanda surprised me with a special little arrangement she made at Cauley Square. I was so clueless on what she had planned for me. At Cauley Square, there are little shops all around so we were just walking into all of them. I didn’t realize that she was just stalling. She was waiting for my surprised to be set up. After about 30 minutes, she took me to this secluded location. There’s soft music playing and then I see this little bridge with flowers and a balloon attached. It was so cute and I was completely surprised.

I went closer and I see that there is a card attached to the flowers. I opened it up and it says ” Will you go to prom with me?”. I never went to prom and I have always wanted to get a promposal so she made it happened. Isn’t she amazing (:

We slow danced alittle and talked. I had such an amazing time with her.


After that, she took me to The Tea Room Restaurant. They don’t have much options to choose from but I ordered a Turkey Melt with a side of french fries but I didn’t like it since it tasted a lot like pickles. Amanda ordered Prosciutto & Brie Melt and she enjoyed her meal. She let me get a little taste of hers and I liked her meal way more than mine.

There was only two other people in the room with us so it was pretty quiet and a cute place to eat at. Overall it was a great experience, and we would definitely go again.




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