Marianda Takes Basement Miami!


Marianda + Basement Miami = Fun Night! Amanda had an event at Basement Miami this night, and yo it was genuinely the best night we’ve had in a while. Amanda works as a photographer for a CEO who owns a media company, therefore she gets free access to these dope events in Miami.

Basement Miami was so aesthetically pleasing.. we loved how everything was set up, the wall art, the furniture, the props.. we took pictures everywhere! The vibe was an absolute dope feel.

We have so many pictures from that night, we’re showing some of our favorites.

Not only was the atmosphere bomb, but the actual club part in Basement Miami was LIT. The Dj’s were on point, playing all the dope jams, and throwback songs, with a little dash of their mixes thrown into them. It was definitely a night to remember. Marianda was getting down, and letting loose on the dance floor, among other club monsters haha.


Basement Miami is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for some good vibes. Bowling Alley, Ice Rink, and a Club?!?! Yeah go check the spot out. Also be sure to check out our very first vlog we did during our adventure in the link here: Marianda Adventures – Vlog 1 Basement Miami




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