Knaus Berry Farm For Bae’s Birthday!


For Amanda’s 20th birthday, she wanted to get some cinnamon buns from the famous Knaus Berry Farm! We kept hearing about how good their cinnamon buns were, so of course we had to see what all the hype was about.

So we get there and all we see is this loooooonng ass line! We get in line, stand there for about 15 minutes until we seen this sign that says “CASH ONLY”. Of course, just our luck we had no cash on us. We then had to get out of line, get back in the car, and drive to a bank to get some cash. We finally get back, and there was a even longer line to wait in than before.

And the waiting begins…..


We literally waited for like 3 WHOLE HOURS for some damn cinnamon buns!!

It was super hot and we were literally about to die from a heat stroke.


But we finally got inside and we were able to order a dozen cinnamon buns for bae (:

Was it worth a three hour wait…. HELL NO!

The cinnamon buns in my (Leisha) opinion weren’t even that great, but Amanda enjoyed it and that’s all that matters. I’m just happy I was able to get her what she wanted for her birthday.

For her birthday gifts, I got her some Nike slides, VS cologne, her favorite candy, and some cute balloons.

It was our first time celebrating her birthday together and it definitely will not be our last (:



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