Fair Child Tropical Garden + Shortys BBQ


On our anniversary we went to the FairChild Tropical Botanic Garden! It was quite a different experience for the both of us. We got on a tram tour bus, that took us around the entire garden, and had a spokesperson give info on everything we were passing. We learned so much about the tropics, the plants, the trees, etc. And of course we got wonderful pictures of the day.

We came encountered with tons of butterflies in the butterfly garden! And we were just talking about how nowadays it’s super rare to see them out in the open. They were all types of butterflies too, different shapes, sizes, and unique colors.

The weather that day was kind of hot, glad we had dressed appropriately, and luckily we had water as well.

That tree with the pink flowers was one of our favorites we’d seen. Never seen anything like it in person.


A very kind stranger offered us to take our picture, guess he saw us trying to get selfies with the great view. The picture came out so nice!


We suggest to go to the Tropical Garden during the winter time. Where it should be nice and cool for most to enjoy. Overall the experience was a great. Be sure to check out our vlog at FairChild in the link here: Marianda Adventures Vlog 2 FairChild Tropical Botanic Garden.


Ended the day with some Shorty’s BBQ! They had a special deal that day so it was super clutch, super good, and the waiter was super fast and super nice.. haha!

We had some bbq ribs, smoked chicken breast, french fries, garlic toast, and cole slaw.. our plates were loaded for a great price! And the drinks are mmhmm BOMB.





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