Dining At BJ’s Restaurant

For our three month anniversary we decided to try out BJ’s Restaurant. It was our first time there and it definitely wasn’t our last.

The food there was sooooo DELICIOUS!! For the first time we went, I ordered baby back-ribs with a side of french fries. While Amanda ordered Salmon with quinoa and asparagus. As you can see, we’re two different types of people.. lol.


A few months later, while walking around The Falls we got hungry so we decided to go there again to get a little snack.

This time around, we ended up ordering some appetizers. We got some Root Beer Glazed Chicken Wings and some Crispy Calamari! Yummm (: For dessert we had ordered some Pizookies and it was so satisfying.


The pizookies were so good we decided to go again just to get some. We got the pizookie trio, which brings three different flavors. The cookies and cream and the white chocolate macadamia nut were definitely the best ones! We totally recommend trying those out.


After eating some pizookies, we had some free time so we agreed to go watch a movie together. We have been dying to see Get Out for awhile so that’s what we watched. It was a really good movie, it kept you on the edge of your seat. We give it a 9/10! You guys should definitely watch it, if you haven’t already!




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