A Trip To The Pumpkin Patch + Tacos and Tattoos… Literally!


After so many years of wanting to go, we both finally went to our very first pumpkin patch! After debating on which pumpkin patch we wanted to go to, we finally decided on going to The Little Farm to pick out our first pumpkin together on our 5th month anniversary (:


It was a little crowded, with kids all over the place but it was a great experience for the both of us. There were about 7 different boxes of pumpkins and we went through all of them just to find the perfect pumpkin for us. It was super hot and those pumpkins were really heavy so we were getting a little exhausted searching for it. After some time we FINALLY found one that we both agreed on and we decided to name him Aiden..lol!

2021D973-0EC9-415B-81CA-443766A7D092We had a great time picking out our pumpkin together but we would definitely recommend to go to this pumpkin patch only if you have children. The Little Farm were actually offering 1 free pony ride with each pumpkin that was purchased. Of course we couldn’t ride them so we ended up giving our ticket to a random child we seen while we were leaving. It was a great feeling knowing the child’s parents were grateful for the kind gesture.

After the pumpkin patch, Amanda was debating on whether or not she should get a tattoo. Being the best girlfriend ever, I encouraged her to get one lol. Since her birthday was coming up, I offered to pay for it and then we were on our way to the tattoo shop. The first tattoo shop we went to, moved locations so we had to drive to another one. We ended up going to Inkaholik Tattoos. She ended up getting the OVO owl since Drake is her inspiration. She took it like a champ and it came out really nice.

Next on our to-do list for the day, we needed to find somewhere to eat. The place we chose was Tacos and Tattoos. It was very cozy and inviting. It seem like a pretty cool chill out spot to just talk and hangout. The food was delicious and very satisfying. We would definitely go again one day!



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