Safari Edventure & Walters 

We heard about Safari Edventure and decided to check it out! This was definitely a really really cool experience. We got to be up close and personal with exotic animals that you do not find at the zoo.

It started off as a little trail, with cages on both sides, and in the cages were different types of animals.

After that we went to their little petting zoo they had sectioned out. We fed goats, and a pony!

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

We also were able to see Wolfs! It was really cool because we’ve never seen them up close, and the ones we got to touch and hang around with were friendly.


The last exhibition was a little show and tell, we had an instructor show us different types of animals, that he gave us info about, and then let everyone touch and hold the animals.

We finished the day off with Walters. A little diner by Palmeto. For some reason we were both craving country fried steak, so we BOTH got country fried steak and then guess what. We hated it! It just wasn’t right, the texture was off, and we were super dissatisfied with the entree. We know not to order that again if we try to go next time!



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