Perez Art Museum & Shake Shack..Yum! 


Our date to the Perez Art Museum was kind of unexpected. I (Amanda) actually had to do a shoot for a client up at Brickell, and my beautiful girlfriend Leisha was by my side. My right hand, my go to! After the shoot was done, we decided to check out the museum that was close by that EVERYONE was talking about.

Honestly if you ask us, it was way too hyped up. But it was alright! We suggest to go on the days that are free. The first Thursday of every month!

There were interesting art pieces, rooms with documentaries and sculptures in the museum. We learned quite a bit about various artists, and who created what. If you’re really into history as well, this is the place for you.

After our little self tour of the museum, we ended up just relaxing in the wooden lawn chairs out side of it; looking out into the city, talking about our lives and what we were going to accomplish.

Overall it was a beautiful day at PAMM! Take your girlfriend/ boyfriend here to a date for a relaxing/ educational day. (:


To end the day we went to Shake Shack and had the BEST burgers. Well Leisha didn’t think it was all that but I did of course haha! Bit pricey, but so worth it for me! If you’re gonna get a hand-spun shake, we recommend the strawberry flavored!




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