WynWood Adventurers

Took a little trip to Wynwood. This was Leisha’s first time, and Amanda’s millionth time! We walked through the streets of art, that contained beautiful murals on the walls on each and every corner, and dope graffiti from underground artists marking their territory. Wynwood is known to have some murals in certain spots that change every so often. It’s cool because you never really know what you may see next; there’s always something new to see. Some of the paintings and murals stay though, I’m guessing because other artists and people know issa classic.


We also decided to check out this smoothie spot in the heart of Wynwood Walls called Jugo Fresh. Their smoothies and juices are made fresh every day! They also have delightful healthy hearty fruit bowls to go along with a smoothie. A bit pricey but Leisha rated with her smoothie 6 out of 10. As for me, (Amanda) I rated mine a 8.5 out of 10. Anything healthy and fruity always sounds good to me!



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