May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016 is the day Amanda officially asked me to be her girlfriend! So this the gist of how it all went down.

The morning of May 23, 2016, Amanda texted me saying her car broke down, was stranded, and needed me to go help her. She tells me to ask my mom to take me to her destination, and my mom agreed to go with no hesitation. So we get in the car and started heading her way, but my mom decides to make a couple stops. In my head i’m like.. “uh hello, there’s no time to make stops, my girlfriend is alone and is probably having a heat stroke with this hot ass sun beaming down.” She finally finishes with what she needed to do, and then we were back on the road.

We finally get to the location where Amanda was “stranded” at which was at Crandon Park Beach. She’s standing outside the car and tells me to step out. At this moment, I’m totally confused as to what is going on. She grabs my hand and takes me to her car and then we drive to the beach parking We get out the car and she tells me to close my eyes, that she has a surprise for me. (-: So of course, I closed my eyes and we began walking. Let me tell you guys, this walk was the longest walk ever! Especially when you have no idea where you’re going, it literally felt like I was walking for hours lol. Moments later, we FINALLY reached the spot.

Then the time came when she told me to open my eyes. Right when I opened them, I see “GIRLFRIEND?” written in the sand and a little picnic set up with all my favorite foods and drinks! I was completely speechless. I turned to her and that’s when she asked me if I wanted to be hers and of course I said yes! It was amazing to see how much time and effort, she had put into setting everything up for our special day. We had such a wonderful time together, enjoying each other’s company and just relaxing on the beach. It was beyond perfect and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Later that day, I started connecting the dots. I thought about how my mom just got up and started driving to Amanda’s location. How was that possible, when I didn’t even tell her where she was at lol. So at that moment I realized how slow I am and how my mom was in on it, the whole damn time.




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