Phillip And Patricia Frost Museum

After hearing so much talk about The Frost Museum, we decided to check it out for ourselves. It was actually a pretty cool experience, we got to see a lot of sea creatures and art. We got to see jellyfishes, some starfishes and sharks.  There are 5 floors of different things so we went to each … Continue reading Phillip And Patricia Frost Museum

Crandon Beach

We randomly decided to go to Crandon Park Beach, to relax, and also record our latest youtube video of us doing the Yoga Challenge. The water was surprisingly warm. We weren't expecting that haha. It was a beautiful day. This is definitely one of our favorite beaches. 08.12.17

Red Robin

We were window shopping at Pembooke Mall, and chilling with an old friend of Amanda's. After catching up, and looking at clothes, we all decided to try out Red Robin. To be honest.. it wasn't bad, but it made Amanda's tummy hurt afterwards. Leisha enjoyed her burger though. Would we go again? Probably not. 02.10.17 … Continue reading Red Robin